the great gatsby. sigh.

The elating news that carey mulligan will be playing  daisy buchanan in the new great gatsby adaptation hit my ears this week. after having nearly completed my love affair with all things fitzgerald (including his biography, zelda’s biography, and nearly all his writings – quite a feat for me! I am on a search for all zelda fitzgeralds writings as well – after having found it once in a book store i have yet to find it again.) besides the point though – i adore his era and i believe he encapsulated most everything that tends to captivate my interest. the endearingly sad drunken nights, the cases upon cases of liquor, the dresses, the hair, the idea of chivalry, and the undeniable intelligence that hid behind all that loneliness. although i’m aware of how his language can drone on, there are lines that hit hard. and its that subtlety and the amount of devotion that’s required to read to his work in our fast paced ADHD world of entertainment that enevitably draws me to him.

Vogue recently wrote an article on carey mulligan and her new role.  it’s worth the read because she’s definitely a standout actress with an amazingly grounded and intelligent stance that is sure to make her one of the classic movie stars of our era.

anyway – here’s why i love this new leading lady:

(in chanel)

love this skirt and must attempt to make


I just recently heard word via the interweb that they are working on a f. scott fitzgerald movie titled the beautiful and the damned after his second novel? with keira knightley playing zelda. not a fan of keira, but the thought of a movie does intrigue me greatly. although i’m horridly dissapointed that all my great hopes of writing these movies myself have suddenly slipped through the cracks. sigh of utter dissapointment. i will obviously have to re-invent myself.

*Photos courtesy of Vogue, Wonderland, and Harpers Bazaar

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