my ( apparent ) winter of celtic devotion.


the wind that shakes the barley:

Thank you Ireland. For not only is this movie fettered with the worn basics that i’ve been so enthralled with this past winter. but its gorgeous cinematography (albeit depressing themes) makes you want to put back a pint and fight for something righteous. It’s definitely highly recommended by me. It screams of truth, depth and intelligence ( plus  gives you the versatility of feeling as if you are able to squeeze in a quick history lesson while watching the ever intriguing Cillian Murphy ).

i’m drawn to the necessity behind the costuming in this film. The clothes were obviously worn, rugged, and most importantly suppose to highlight the poor economy of ireland in the 1920s. But ( perhaps i’m taking a cue from our current economy ) the rough-hewn, hand-made, and worn-to-the-point-of-destruction demeanor seemed not only appropriately modest but down right beautiful to me. Obviously im slightly biased as i am terribly obsessed with all things from the 20s and 30s, but down to the hair i felt this movie encapsulated how i feel this year.

fittingly, to visually translate how this movie dictates my upcoming year, Pringle of Scotland decided to create their Fall 2010 and Fall 2011 collections specifically for me:



I also decided to learn how to knit. i’ve never done it before so this is my first project. i’m an extremely friggid person and can never find a scarf massive enough to keep me warm. so that was my goal.

(  project #1  )

(  project #2  ) for a co-worker who requested one.

(  project #3  ) my current project: ive decided to actually follow a pattern.

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