band of outsiders. fall rtw 2012.

how i gained inspiration from the donner party.

There is one thing that has become prevalent to me as this quote-on-quote winter we’ve had comes to a close – the prairie look is damn sexy and I’m about ready to shoot a rabbit so I can make a fetching hat to go with the wispy floral dress I am sure to buy. Because there is definitely something to this idea of donning oneself in elegant attire before trudging out the door to muck stalls and gather eggs from the chicken coups – something that is both nostalgic and a meditation on what it means to achieve your goals.

As summer taunts me forward, both superficially and internally I find myself further drawn to the American Pioneers and their trek for some marginal form of glory. The idea of kicking off my heels (or at least getting them stuck inches deep in mud) to undertake a colossal task sounds downright appealing somehow. Perhaps I will be snowed in and forced to challenge myself mentally and physically to see how I perform when threatened with my own destruction, but it sounds delightful. Now, although I may not mean this quite as literally as maybe the Donner Party ventured to take it, I feel I am nevertheless being propelled in some manner to lift up my skirt and hike across the river, so as to continue towards that distant goal that I’ve been told is unachievable.

As luck would have it – I’m not the only one digging my brain into the beauty of gritty pioneer life. The recent Band of Outsiders Fall 2012 collection seemed to be created directly from my recent ponderings. With a little inspiration from Spaghetti Westerns along with more modern forms of Western-themed cinema (ie. Meek’s Cutoff, There Will Be Blood, True Grit and The Assassination of Jesse James) I believe Band of Outsider’s are my go-to for the now distant winter ahead. And if you’re a rationally brained human and notice the absurdity of thinking of next winter while still in the midst of the current one – think of it like this: I’m taking stock – I’m gathering supplies and curing meat for the journey.

band of outsiders. fall rtw 2012.

band of outsiders. fall rtw 2012. meek's cutoff (2010)meek's cutoff (2010)true grit (2010)there will be blood (2007)there will be blood (2007)the assassination of jesse james (2007)

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